Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Poetic injustice

In the writing class I go to, I was once asked to write a limerick a day. A sampling of my efforts will demonstrate why the assignment was never renewed after the first week.

Half-baked limericks

Whoa, big fella
There was a shy guy named Harry,
Timid and so very wary
Of kissing a girl
Until he met Cheryl.
Who slapped him and said, “How dare he.”

A word to the wise
Joe thought that his verbosity
Denoted virtuosity.
But those who heard him
Always referred him
To comments on pomposity.

It happened one night
The sexy, sensuous Mable
Seduced the actor, Clark Gable.
But once in the bunk,
Said Clark, who was drunk,
“Frankly, my dear, I’m not able.”

Act of love
When hoping to be romantic
Harvey would try the dramatic.
Enjoying his flair
Madge entered his lair
And made him highly ecstatic.

Gas bag
To hear Limbaugh vituperate
Makes me ask what it was he ate.
Perhaps it’s the beans,
Or those collard greens
That make him rant and bloviate.

On the hook
There once was a girl named Sarah
Who resembled Yogi Berra,
But the man she sought
Was the one she caught,
While she toured the Rivera.

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