Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My Busy Work

To get my lazy butt moving, I have been starting each day with the MadKane limerick contest and Three Word Wednesday. MadKane’s rhyme word for line 1,2, or 5 this week is “trust.” 3WW’s words for last week were “blemish” “erect” and “lopsided.” The words for this week are “dead” “hungry” and “threaten.”

Me Sin?

The fiery preacher’s past had a blemish
That became known. And so to replenish
His stock among gullible followers,
Who were such eager, willing swallowers
Of his balderdash, he stood proudly erect,
Quite confident they would never detect
The truth. He claimed the coverage was lopsided;
The press was unfair and should be chided.
His congregation said, “Yes, you are right.”
And he happily bedded some slut that night.

Two American Sentences

Blemish on my nose. I’m lopsided, can’t stand erect. 
It’s a bad day.

My computer is dead. I’m hungry.
I should threaten someone. But who?

Trust You?

Appalled when his wife fumed and fussed,
Shocked Arthur asked why she had cussed.
“You are seeing a tart.
Don’t deny it, dear Art.”
“OK, but don't I deserve your trust?”

Bought and Paid For

The would-be prez will ask your trust,
But his word is mere worthless dust.
That charming young bloke
Has been purchased by Koch,
And will do what he’s told he must.

Fessing Up

You know, so many times I just
Can’t seem to do the things I must.
Sad but true, I ignore
All my chores more and more.
I am no longer one you’d trust.

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