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Notes from the Home XI

The Lawn of Life

Our European Vacation

Over the Christmas holiday in 2007, Nancy and I toured Europe. I wrote a lengthy piece about our journey when we got back, which ran as a three-part series in the Star Beacon. I, being me, have lost both the computer file and the hard copy of that vacation saga, but I did find the the final two parts at The missing portion covered our time in Paris, where the sites included a view of the city from the Eiffel Tower, and an excellent view of a horde of bare-breasted women on the stage at the Moulin Rouge. From Paris we went to Lucerne. Franco was our tour guide, and Mario was our bus driver.

The next morning, before the sun came up we were on our way to Lucerne, Switzerland. It really wasn’t all that early, but on those short days near the solstice, the sun didn’t come up in Paris until almost 9 o’clock.  We spent the day traveling through the countryside. The fields lined the highway, and, off in the distance, you could see the villages. From time to time, Franco would t…

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