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Laundry Day Uplift



Notes from the Home - June 11, 2016

Covenant Woods is buzzing with activity; the place is being renovated inside and out. In the hallways, workers have been busy ripping the old wallpaper off the walls, priming the walls, painting some of them, preparing others to be wallpapered, installing new lights, and replacing some windows here and there. 

I'm embarrassed to make a quick trip to the mailbox these days. It seems there are always three or four workmen in the hallway. They are kind, patient folk, who stop what they are doing so they can move their tools and equipment to the side. Then, just as they've put the stuff back where they want it and have resumed working, I'm on my way back down the hall. The workers move everything again; I apologize for being a pest; they say "no problem"; I'm on the verge of saying, "Liar, liar, pants on fire," but I contain myself and go on my way, knowing I will disturb them several more times before the day is done.

In April,it was out with the old and…