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Notes from the Home - November 29, 2016

It took a while, but on November 18, I had the MRI that was originally scheduled for November 11th or, depending whom you believe, November 3rd. You see, on October 28th, I had an appointment with Dr. Verson, a neurologist. Among other things, he said it was time for me to have another MRI of the brain and cortex, and that he wanted to see me again in a few weeks. The appointment concluded, he told Russ and me to wait in the examining room and someone would be along to get things arranged.

While we waited, Russ said he wouldn't be available to chauffeur me on November 11th. A moment later, a woman came in to tell me where I needed to go for the MRI and what to expect when I got there. As she was talking, I noticed the paper in her hand, which indicated the appointment was scheduled for November 11th. "This date won't work for me," I told her. "Then, you'll have to call over there and reschedule it."

On Tuesday, November 1st, I called the folks in the im…

That's Me

3 Word Wednesday: Lackadaisical, Harebrained, Idiotic
That’s Me
Alas, I’m lackadaisical With a head full of thoughts harebrained. An idiotic spectacle, This guy so lackadaisical I’d surely flunk a physical, And claim body and mind are strained. That’s me. I’m lackadaisical With a head full of thoughts harebrained.

Sad Day

Sad Day
Trump wins? Seems far-fetched, Gamy racist, sexist oaf Halting the American dream.