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Harbinger of Spring

A Short Walk

Basking in the sunlight, watching people at Walnut Beach. Children running here and there, laughing, screaming, inventing games, accusing each other of cheating, of breaking rules they’d just made up; an older couple on lawn chairs in the shade of a large tree; middle-aged women roasting on beach blankets; a father sending his son deep and arcing a Nerf football toward him. “Why didn’t you catch it?” the father shouts. The boy rolls his eyes and retrieves the ball that hit the ground ten feet behind him.
A commotion in the parking lot. People in line at the concession stand give up their spots to go see; kids stop running in all directions and run to join the crowd; one by one the women get up from their blankets, brush the sand from their legs and go investigate; “Come on,” the old woman says, “Let’s see what’s going on.” Her husband scowls, “I don’t know why you have to be so nosey,” he says, then he follows her to the parking lot. I am curious. I stand up, take a step. My balance is uncertain, my legs stif…

Just Wondering

Conflict Resolution