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Notes from the Home - January 5, 2016

Al has not had dinner in the dining room for three weeks, maybe a month. The problem is his legs. He is retaining liquids; his feet are beginning to look like the Goodyear Blimp and his legs resemble huge over-stuffed sausages. The last time he came down to dinner, he struggled, often unsuccessfully, to stay awake. During those few moments when he was awake and aware, he told us his knees were killing him.
I followed him to his apartment that night. Fortunately, he made it without incident; I wouldn’t have been much help had he fallen. “I think I’m going to have a movement,” he said, as he went in the bathroom. Jim came by a few minutes later to drop off two elastic sleeves. He said there was copper in the material, and Al should pull them up over his knees, and the sleeves would ease the pain. When Al came out of the bathroom, he went directly to bed. I put the sleeves on the table, and once Al got covered up and comfortable, I went to my apartment and watched Jeopardy.
The next mornin…

Notes from the Home - January 1, 2016

I slept through Christmas. No, really, I slept through Christmas. Honest. Well, most of it anyway. On Christmas Eve I went to bed somewhere between nine and ten. At four-thirty, my bladder roused me. After tending to the anxious urinary tract, I thought, “Might as well get dressed and get going.” So, I put on my socks. Then I thought, “Maybe a little more sleep will do me good.” With that, I crawled back under covers, thinking I’d up by six-thirty, seven at the latest.
Yeah, right. It was nine-thirty when I reluctantly stirred, and then only because that spoiled brat of a bladder was resorting to its usual attention-getting behaviors. I really wasn’t in the mood to get up and cater to its whims, but I was afraid if I didn’t it would get angry and make a mess. Off to the bathroom I went to placate it. When it finished pissing around, I leaned back in the wheelchair and immediately fell asleep.
A few minutes before eleven, the phone startled me. Opening my eyes and finding myself still…