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Notes from the Home - February 26, 2015

I'm no stranger to bad decisions,  but I normally wait until I've had a cup of coffee or two before I go forth and screw up. Saturday, I got right at it, and the moment I was dressed I did something foolish. My mistake? I took a Lexapro.
     Six weeks ago, when I saw Dr. Verson and told him I felt depressed, he gave me a prescription for Lexapro. I followed the directions on the bottle for two days and swore off the stuff. Did the Lexapro help my mood? Who knows. It did, however, make my spasticity worse. I went from being merely stiff and clumsy to being even stiffer and clumsier. I did take another one a few days later, with the same unhappy result. After that, the Lexapro remained untouched until Saturday.
     Why, you wonder, would I down yet another Lexapro? Well, at least in my case, the stuff is an amazingly effective, fast-acting laxative. A crappy reason, I know - a bowl of shredded wheat or raisin bran would have done the trick, though not so quickly. Some rap…

Notes from the Home - February 9, 2015

Isabelle died two weeks ago. She had been living at Muscogee Manor, a rehabilitation facility, for the last month. More than anything, I miss her smile.
     On Saturdays, a banana appears at each place setting in the Covenant Woods' dining room. I almost always have a few bananas in the room, and I would give Isabelle the banana Covenant Woods gave me. Every Saturday I gave Isabelle a banana. This went on for almost two years, and every time I did, Isabelle smiled a great appreciative smile. I don't think she enjoyed the banana half as much as I enjoyed seeing her smile when I reached across the table to hand it to her.
     At dinner one night a few months ago, Amy came up behind me and whispered in my ear. I forget exactly how she phrased it, but the gist was, "Your legs don't work, but can you still get 'it' up?" Amy hurried off tee-heeing, and I tried, without success, to laugh without spraying everyone at the table with the half-chewed salad in…