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Notes from the Home - May 25, 2015

A few Sundays ago, the weather was so pleasant -sunshine, gentle breeze, temperature in the low seventies,the trees and lawns a vivid green - I couldn't stay inside.On my to the door I saw Francis.
     "Are you going out for some fresh air?" she asked.
     "I am and to work on my tan."
     Francis smiled, looked at me in the wheelchairand said she admired me. I shook my head and smiled.
"You're such a nice guy."
     "I try," I said and went on my way, knowing I'm not all that admirable.But, compliments, even the undeserved ones, brighten the day. And I do try my best to be a nice guy.
     A few minutes into the ride, Homer, in his wheelchair, came up behind me. Homer is retired military. Unlike the vast majority of military retirees at Covenant Woods, Homer served in the Navy. He is in a wheelchair as the result of a spinal injury. He has never said whether the injury is service connected, and I never think to ask him until I get back…