Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My faux pas

For reasons unbeknown to me, and I suppose anyone else, the word 'faux' has been floating around in my mind all day. The result is nothing notable. But that won't stop me.

A girl whose boyfriend is a cad has a faux beau.

An empty boast is a faux crow.

Counterfeit cash is faux dough.

Snails made from a processed meat-like product are faux escargot.

In war games, the battle is between a couple of faux foes.

The aura of artificial light is a faux glow.

A woman working undercover on the vice squad is a faux ho.

A cup of decaf is faux joe.

The guy imitating one of the Three Stooges is a faux Moe.

The coy beauty kept her suitor guessing with a faux no.

His style was so similar to a certain 19th-Century poet that they called him a faux Poe.

To make the situation seem less horrendous, the BP spokesman issued a faux status quo.

Manufactured caviar is faux roe.

When putting up a false front, we give a faux show.

A quarterback who fakes a pass makes a faux throw.

Those who whine when there is nothing to whine about suffer from faux woes.

The ditzy blond who really isn't so ditzy is a faux yo-yo.

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