Thursday, February 7, 2013

Political IOUS

   Who knows? I suppose it could be erroneous
   To say all politicians are felonious.
   Although, they never want to be harmonious,
   And are always happy to seem parsimonious
   And they really like being sanctimonious
   And they hate to do things unceremonious.
   There’s no fame in being unceremonious.
   Heck, they’re more newsworthy being erroneous,
   And on FOX it’s best to be sanctimonious.
   And a politician who is felonious
   Is OK as long as he’s parsimonious
   With those in need. But he can’t harmonious.
   No one cares about a pol who is harmonious,
   Who doesn’t huff and swear unceremonious.
   To be belligerently parsimonious
   Makes it acceptable to be erroneous
   And even quite astoundingly felonious
   So long as the pol remains sanctimonious.
   Big donors really like the sanctimonious
   And shun all those who want to be harmonious.
   They do not mind a guy who is felonious
   If he agrees to be unceremonious
   While he’s being purposefully erroneous
   To help make it seem like his parsimonious
   Stance is justified, and his parsimonious
   Votes are much more than just some sanctimonious
   Claptrap. Oh, his reasons might be erroneous,
   But so long as he doesn’t get harmonious
   And is really very unceremonious
   In making accusations of felonious
   Actions by others, he can be felonious
   Himself. The goal is to be parsimonious
   With all but his pals. Then, unceremonious
   Harrumphing and being quite sanctimonious
   And refusing to be at all harmonious
   Pleases those who pay him to be erroneous.
   Pols, unceremonious and felonious,
   Ever erroneous, always parsimonious
   And sanctimonious, detest the harmonious.

1 comment:

  1. LOL! In that poem of yours, the onus is certainly on the "oniouses."

    Madeleine Begun Kane


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