Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ode to Cocoa

 N-E-S-T-L-E-S, blah, blah, blah.
   That commercial from fifty years ago irks me.
   “Chaaawk-let,” Farfel said. The whole thing sticks in my craw.
   Oh, I suppose Nestle’s Quik is tasty.
   The problem is, it is so very quick;
   Chocolate milk to be gulped in a single swallow.
   A cheap ploy to get kids to drink their milk,
   Lest rickets makes them sick
   And they grow up not to be Apollo.
   But a man puts aside things of a childish ilk
   And only a drink he can savor does the trick.
   Yet, a man is still subject to chocolate craving.
   His soul calls out, “Chocolate. Please, I must have chocolate.”
   And left unfulfilled, the desire turns to raving
   And he is shoved through the emotional gauntlet
   And in minutes he’ll be stark, raving loco
   Unless this great gnawing hunger is satisfied.
   But what, oh what, will still the man’s anxious tremor?
   A cup of hot cocoa!
   It leaves the body refreshed, the mind edified,
   Can a reasonable man ask for anything more?
   ‘Tis music for the soul – baroque and rococo.
   Cocoa steaming hot on a frigid winter day.
   Fingers, nearly numb, cold as ice, caress the mug,
   Absorb its warmth, regain the sense that went away.
   Across the table, sits the one you wish to hug,
   Her beaming smile and rosy cheeks light up the room,
   Her cheerfulness blending with the chocolaty balm.
   Sipping cocoa, you sit silently, watching her,
   A lovely rose in bloom
   Who delights in the moment and makes your world calm.
   A treasured time that the cocoa has made better
   Shared with a friend, who when she smiles, can lift your gloom.

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