Monday, December 16, 2013

Out on a Limerick

 Whale of a Tale
   If old Ahab had known of the sale,
   He could have bought himself a whale,
   But he grabbed his harpoon
   Then threw it too soon
   And the whale he failed to impale.
   Black Friday
   The ads for the Black Friday sale
   Filled my box with colorful mail.
   But on the big day
   Someone got in my way.
   I shoved her. They took me to jail.
   Gold Digger
   The cute chick for whom Fred did fall
   Could not stand him, no not at all.
   But Fred had money,
   So she called him “honey,”
   And let him take her to the ball.
   Eve of Destruction
   Poor, old Adam after the fall,
   Was sure Eve had way too much gall.
   She’d said, “Here, take a taste.”
   Which he did in haste.
   But he’d never liked apples at all.

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