Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Sniveling Scribbler

   One of the suggested topics this week for our little writing group was to write about our greatest fear.

What? Write about my greatest fear?
Could be that is my greatest fear.
For if I must give some account
Of what scares me a big amount,
Just the thought of pen and paper
Turns my spinal steel to vapor.
Write the things that make me quiver –
Why that idea makes me shiver.
In a moment I would panic
And get manic and satanic.
Oh, a topic, one less dreadful,
One that will not make me fretful,
Wheezy, nauseous and quite vexed,
Confused and puzzled and perplexed.
A topic easy, something dull,
Something I needn’t wrack my skull
For logic, syntax or a rhyme
For writing something real sublime.
Not a dense thesis doctoral,
Please just let me write more doggerel.


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