Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Slough of Despair

 OK, of course you’re right; I should not be airing,
   discussing, talking about, or loudly blaring
   the many complaints I’ve been silently bearing.
   But it is my intention to do some baring
   of my countless gripes and hope that you are caring
   enough not to act as though you are chairing
   the meeting and pounding your gavel and daring
   me to risk your wrath by going on. Am I erring?
   Please listen to the saga of how I’m faring,
   without disgusted looks or your temper flairing.
   The injustices I will relate are glaring.
   Please, in all of this there is not one red herring;
   pay heed and you’ll find all these peeves are impairing
   my functionality function. Overbearing,
   that’s what they have become. They’re in need of paring,
   although, I think they would rather do some pairing
   of a reproductive kind. They seem to be raring
   to multiply, behaving lewdly, staring
   provocatively. And you know that is scaring
   me. It is driving me mad, and I am tearing
   my hair out. This narration will be unsparing,
   and will no doubt leave you extremely uncaring.
   In fact, I’m finding this whole thing is just wearing
   me down. And if I don’t stop, I’ll soon start swearing.
   Then again, a foul tongue helps when I’m declaring,
   “Woe is me,” while doing my very best at snaring
   others’sympathy. But your disgust is glaring,
   and poor, sad, unhappy me, I am despairing.

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