Goldie's Gone

  Miss Goldilocks was such a twit;
   She caused the Bears to have a fit.
   When she dropped in while they were out
   She made a mess, without a doubt.
   Momma Bear had a too-soft bed
   At least that’s what Miss Goldie said.
   She’d crawled in it uninvited
   And got back out undelighted.
   Taking a seat in Poppa’s chair,
   Which was harder than she could bear,
   Goldie said she wanted pampered,
   But in that house she was hampered
   By things too hard and things too soft
   And then she hurled bad words aloft.
   On the table there was porridge,
   They got Momma’s from cold storage.
   Poppa’s porridge was way too hot.
   “Like this?” said Goldie, “I do not.”
   But Baby Bear’s small bowl of gruel
   Was neither too hot nor too cool.
   She gulped and slurped and made noise,
   Just like a pig who has no poise.
   And then she slept in Baby’s bed,
   Feeling really snug and well fed.
   In ten minutes the Bears were back,
   And wondered who’d destroyed their shack.
   “Poppa, Poppa please do come fast
   There is this girl, and I’m aghast.”
   Goldie awoke and heard the roar,
   Got out of bed and ran out the door.
   The three stunned bears just laughed and laughed,
   They’d never known someone so daft.


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