My Verse Excuse Ever

 Alas, there hasn’t been much productivity
   On my part. It seems I have a proclivity
   For idleness, indolence and passivity.
   Hours I should spend in writing activity,
   Working hard to improve my expressivity
   And stoking my engine of creativity,
   I’ve used for pursuits I can pursue more idly.
   And I sport a backside that’s grown large and widely.
   Oh, OK, go right ahead and remark snidely
   That tsk, tsk, tsk, my appearance is unsightly
   And the odds of me writing a great tome unlikely.
   I say, to blazes with your negativity,
   Great minds – like mine – don’t need hyperactivity.
   Looking at all things with great objectivity,
   I bet daydreaming was Einstein’s main activity
   When he wrote that thing on relativity.


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