Out on a Limerick Again

  Inky Dink
   A guy who was purchasing ink
   Gave the buxom cashier a wink.
   “We’d make quite a pair,
   I’m a man with great flair.”
   “Great flair and the mind of a skink.”

   Fill up his Mug
   Leroy pretended he was ill
   And stayed at home to tend his still.
   Thought he, this is fine,
   ‘Til the stuff in his stein
   Turned out to be a deadly swill.

   Anita, annoyed by Bob’s hum,
   Said, “You best be quiet, old chum.
   Ain’t whistling ‘Dixie,’
   I’ll tell your wife Trixie,
   You’re seeing some flirty young plumb.”


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