Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Hell with Homage

 Next week at this time - 9:45, Saturday morning - Russell and I will be heading to Georgia with all my possessions in tow. In order to properly embarrass me on my last day in writing class, Suzanne, among her other assignments, has directed the class members to write a homage or ode to me. To double my embarrassment, she turned to me and said, "Tom, you write one too." So I did.

Please write an homage, ode or triolet.
To me? I wouldn’t do it on a bet.
Instead I’ll opt for something easier
And pen a ditty much more cheesier.
In doing my duty, I’m not derelict
You see, I wrote this too true limmer-ict.

Tom’s prose is all tangled and dense,
Mangling the past and present tense.
His poetry crass,
A guy with no class,
Who writes this claptrap and nonsense.

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