Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday morning

The days are getting shorter and the weather is improving. We had rain yesterday, and it rained hard for a while last night; the wind blew from time to time, but the lightning never flashed and the thunder never boomed. It looks like we will be getting more rain today; the temperature, however, is fit for human consumption - at least this human's consumption. A gander at the Weather Channel's website reveals that it will not get above eighty around here until a week from tomorrow. I'm not sure I believe that, but it is a nice thought.

Cuddles' predatory instincts came to the fore this morning. She was crouched on the table with every muscle taut while she stared intently at a crow that was poking around on Lincoln Dr., apparently hoping to find some road kill. She spent five minutes gazing at the alien avian, never taking her eyes off of it. She shifted her stance ever so slightly a few times, trying to get in the most advantageous position to launch herself through the screen and fly Superman-like over the front yard in order to subdue the crow before the birdbrain knew what hit him. She didn't, though. She got bored with the bird and turned her attention to other things. The crow spent several more minutes out front, strutting around like the foreman of a road crew shouting at the backhoe operator to get to work. But Cuddles didn't care. She had real work to do, which was letting Nancy and me know what was expected of us.

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