Thursday, November 5, 2015

Prompt Responses

     The Three Word Wednesday prompt this week is to use the words ragged, threatening and unsightly in a piece of writing.

     With a steady hand on the wheelchair's joy stick, I maneuvered through the dining room of the old folks' home where I live. The management takes offense to the term "old folks home." Their euphemism of choice is "senior retirement community." This place isn't like the old folks homes in the TV commercials of the fifties, where the residents spent countless hours on the veranda discussing their bowels and laxatives. Here, we old folks have those conversations inside in air-conditioned comfort.
     Enough of that. If the management finds out I'm saying such things, I'll get a threatening letter and my rent will be doubled.
    Back to the dining room. Jane waved and said hello, as I approached the table where she was sitting. "What's that?" she asked, pointing to my shirt, I thought. It was a T-shirt with "Beacon's Best 2006" writ large on the front. I started to tell her, the Beacon was the paper for which I once toiled as a sportswriter. The Beacon's Best is an annual softball tournament the paper sponsors. Perhaps she thought the nine-year-old shirt was more than a bit ragged.
     No. Jane reached out, touched my stomach, and said, "I was wondering if it's a boy or girl." Alas, the tummy has become an unsightly expanse.

This week, MadKane's Limerick-Off is asking for limericks using stride as the rhyme word in Line 1, 2, or 5.

Priscilla took it all in stride
When she became young Percy’s bride.
She loved only him,
Until, on a whim,
She took a lover on the side.

His love organ, withered and dried,
Robert could no longer keep stride
With folks young and horny.
Though with Sigourney,
The sly geezer certainly tried.


  1. a 2-fer. Not sure I've ever tried a limerick. Where I grew up we had an "old folks home" established sometime in the 19th c. Now it has a fancy name and is one of the largest employers in town. I can see a young staffer perhaps not realizing a joke might hurt.



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