Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Visit from Spring

     This afternoon, the world outside my sliding glass door is bathed in sunshine. Two children, a boy and a girl, grade-school age, run down the sidewalk, on their way to visit their great-grandparents, probably. From behind them, a voice rings out, "You kids slow down. Watch where you're going." The kids stop, look back and take off again. A couple, the kids' parents, walk by, the mother yells, the kids keep running. Mom and Dad smile.
     A wood bee hovers blimp-like just outside the window. It starts this way, then that way before buzzing over to the wooden railing along the porch. As if he has been here before, he lands on the railing and walks in the small hole his ancestors bored in it, and the bees have been using as long as I've lived here.
     A small lizard skitters on to the porch and stops. He basks in the sunlight for a minute or two and skitters on.
     This morning, the windshields were shrouded in frost. This afternoon it is spring.     

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