Friday, June 3, 2011

In Politics

We must remember, with innuendo
the speaker is apt to be indiscreet,
while being boring, dull and incessant.
That is so true. With his thoughts still inchoate,
the politician spews inconclusive
facts, and his lying is inveterate.

The world's best liars are inveterate
ones, and they rely on innuendo
to appear wise, sage - not inconclusive.
The real secret is to be indiscreet,
leaving the truth temptingly inchoate
in a haze of chatter quite incessant.

Politicians are great at incessant
yammering, and they are inveterate
promoters of slick ideas, inchoate
policies, and fans of innuendo
that makes their opponents look indiscreet.
They don't want to appear inconclusive

while all the while being inconclusive,
just firing away with an incessant
attack, and denying they've been indiscreet,
which they have been more than once; inveterate
philanderers hawking innuendo,
pretending their ideas aren't inchoate.

But all their ideas must be inchoate,
so they seem frank while being inconclusive.
Why talk ideas? Isn't innuendo
more effective? And a long, incessant
speech about that evil, inveterate
crook - the opponent - is quite indiscreet.

You ask: What's wrong with being indiscreet?
It beats rambling on about inchoate
ideas. And the old pol's inveterate
lying disguises his inconclusive
conclusions in a rant of incessant
charges, half truths, lies and innuendo.

The lies, inveterate and indiscreet,
all the innuendo and inchoate
sham - too inconclusive, too incessant.

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