Thursday, July 1, 2010

A policeman's lot is not a happy one

It isn't easy being a policeman these days, especially in Geneva, Ohio. Among the recent incidents handled by Geneva's beleaguered finest are the following, as they were listed in the Star Beacon of June 30:
* Officers apprehended a fuzzy black dog on West Main Street on Thursday.

* Someone left a pink bicycle on the sidewalk at the Redi-Go convenience store on Thursday.

* A concerned citizen reported Friday that a Surry Lane streetlight stays on all day and all night.

* Employees at the Circle K convenience store on South Broadway reported a rude, intoxicated customer at the store on Friday.

* Young adults driving recklessly down Burrow Street on Friday stopped to fight, a resident reported, though officers were unable to locate the suspects.

* Teenagers reported they gave a Geneva man money to "hold" and money to purchase cigarettes with on Saturday, but the man allegedly pocketed the money. Officers told the man it is illegal to purchase tobacco products for minors and made the man return the money to the teens.

* Employees at the Circle K convenience store on South Broadway called police after an intoxicated man tried to buy beer Sunday and passed out while at the store. The man allegedly came to and tried to drive away.

All this leaves me wondering if the intoxicated man who passed out in Circle K Sunday was also the rude, intoxicated man who stopped by Thursday. And isn't a good thing that the young adults who were driving recklessly stopped to fight? Shouldn't they be commended for pulling over and settling their differences without endangering other drivers? And what about those teenagers? Did they ever get their cigarettes?

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